Creating a new beginning


What makes a space home? This is the question I ask myself every time I walk into my apartment, what does my space say about me?

Leonardo da Vinci wrote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” this is a sentiment I hold close to my heart and it is an aesthetic I hope to achieve with my approach to design.

As a designer I believe the simplest form of communication is through uncluttered design. The same is true for the space I call home I believe that once home should be a reflection of once individuality. My home reflects my love for clean and simple lines. My love affair for design has given me the opportunity to create a space that is unique to the ethos that I treasure “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” this is the approach I take in all the disciplines of designs, be it in graphic, interior or fashion design.

Design doesn’t have to be loud, bright or in your face to make a statement or grab people’s attention. A great conversation piece is the one that makes people comfortable to open their minds to a new approach to design and a way to challenge them to different way of thinking; this has been my inspiration when creating/designing the space I lived in.

It’s about loving the space you live in and remember to be passionate about what you create, there is no right or wrong when you create with passion.


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