An Italian Adventure

I thought I’d take some time to revisit my Italian travel adventure before the year’s up. After enduring the longest plane ride from South Africa, we were rewarded with the magnificence and breath taking beauty of Rome.

Arriving in Firenza surrounded by the splendid architecture and the most mouth watering aroma and the simplicity of Italian cuisine.

Stealing glimpses of Venezia on our way to our hotel was kind of like looking at an Instagram of the City of Bridges with an Earlybird filter.

I didn’t see it coming at all, but this permanently terracotta-coloured city stole my heart in more magical ways than one; earning its title as the highlight of my Italian adventure and the most romantic place I have ever visited next to Paris.

While sight seeing was a great pleasure, nothing will ever beat the joy of Italian cuisine filling in the gaps of the beautiful architecture with gelato, vino, pizza, pasta and fresh fruit from the street vendors.

Italy was all love and I left knowing I’ll never be the same again. My love affair with Italy is strong today as it was when I arrived in Rome. It felt so blissful to take a brief reprieve from the city life and daily commute to enjoy the liberating joy of travelling.


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