Sacred Love

The sacred and endless love of sisters, it does not require wealth or beauty. The love of sisters is everlasting and enduring, it lifts you out of your troubles and shines a light in your darkest times. The love of sisters is pure and honest, there is nothing more beautiful than the feeling when you are surrounded by love. The love of sisters is sincere and loyal, it does not waver in rough waters nor falter in the face of pressure.

My sisters are my rock and pillar of strength, my voice of reason, my shoulder to cry on, my critic, my biggest fans when cheers are low, but more than anything my sisters are my life and my friend.

We often take for granted the importance of family and the love they bring into our lives not realising how short life is and how little we say to each other and how we never seem to express or show our appreciation of what it truly means to have the comfort of family. Today I am taking the opportunity to thank my sisters for the unconditional love, the limitless support, the patience they have and the joy they have given me over the course of my life, knowing that my future will only get brighter as my family grows not only in size but the love in their hearts.

I love you… always and forever.




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