Therapeutic Escape

Why do I run? I do not run for my fitness or my health…

I run for the peace of mind it gives me, for the mental recharge I get when its over, for the joy of movement. I ran for the chance to let go and live in the moment. Most importantly I run for my self.

Every step I take brings me closer to a place of serenity and inner peace, the freedom granted by my feet as they hit the ground. The pounding of my heart gives me the opportunity to evaluate my life and appreciate the many blessings that God has given me, a way to escape the negativity to learn how to be grateful for the simple pleasures that we so often take for granted.

I run for self discovery and self awareness, I run for the chance to face my problems head on, for the chance to release the frustrations and the stress that a modern life so often brings into our lives.

When I run I get to indulge in the beauty of the world and the pleasure of seeing the kindness of the people I meet on the road. Running opens my mind and my heart to let God in. “There is immense peace in trusting and surrendering all to Him. He knows what’s around every turn and every bend in the road ahead” _Luke 22:42

Running is a journey to self discovery. “Keep going on your journey. The road ahead may seem long right now, but you have what it takes to make it to the top.”_ Heather Stillufsen

Put on your running shoes and embrace the journey ahead… The road is a good listener.


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