My Ultimate Basics Checklist

My idea of “basics” is defined by my personal style and my views on fashion, the fundamentals of the term “basics” is a universal used often in the fashion industry.

I am embarking on a search of creating the ultimate closet of basic essentials, closet staples that are both chic and timeless, staples that my closet will be nothing without them. My personal style tends to spring towards a collection of timeless classics, items that will last as fashion trends come and go. I am not apposed to the trend driven pieces, although I chose to wear them with care not wanting to look like a “trying-too-hard-billboard”.

Rifling through my closet I was pleasantly delighted to find out that I am half way through my search for the ultimate closet essentials. As my closet staples continues to grow, I thought I would share my list of the 5 basic principles of a complete closet:

  1. Quality: It’s a better long-term investment buy high-quality pieces that will last for several seasons
  2. Variety: I tend to opt for a mixture of classic pieces and trend driven updates
  3. Form and function: I try to buy clothes that are both practical and beautiful, clothing that are easy to move in and comfortable
  4. Versatility: I want to stock up my closet with pieces that can work for multiple occasions, outfits and seasons
  5. Personality: I want my clothes to be a reflection of my personal style

My search has lead me to the key pieces that are considered a must have in every women’s closet:

  • A white buttoned-down tailored shirt that will suite every occasion
  • A polished and structured pair of menswear inspired blazer that fits like a glove
  • An a-line trench coat that creates definition and shape
  • A slim fitting t-shirt in a soft fabric goes well with most outfits
  • A pair of classic pumps and flats are the perfect power pair
  • An elegant and functional pair of riding boots for a complimentary staple
  • A knee length skirt that flatters your body shape
  • A sophisticated pair of sleek tailored trousers that will elevate your style
  • A great pair of dark jeans will do wonders for your closet
  • The classic little black dress that works for every occasion
  • A leather tote that will last you for many years

Once you have stocked your closet with these ultimate staple pieces you can then personalise your closet with items that reflects your personal style and are complimentary to who you are and your views on fashion. How you accessories your closet staples will set you apart and give voice to your personal style.

“Fashion fades. Style is eternal”._Yves Saint Laurent



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