Poached to perfection

I recently discovered what I consider to be the best method to a perfectly poached egg. Bring salted water to a gentle boil, using a serving spoon which I lightly coated in olive oil I cracked the egg onto the spoon and gently placed it into the pot of boiling water, making sure the egg didn’t fall off the spoon into the water. When the egg was poached to my satisfaction I took the spoon out of the water and gently placed it on a kitchen towel. While I prepared the rest of the meal.

I love when my poached egg is gooey and creamy in the middle and the yolk runs onto the plate as you cut into it with a fork “Poached to perfection” is what I call it. I love the dimensions of flavor that a runny egg yolk adds to my dish. Eggs are more than just breakfast or great source of protein, eggs are a meal in their own right, be it scrambled, an omelet packed full with my favorite ingredients or poached to a gooey consistency. Eggs are my go to meal on a regular basis.

I am sharing some of my favorite mouth watering poached eggs dishes. These are a feast not just for the eyes but for the taste buds as well.


Grilled asparagus with roasted red peppers, poached eggs and a generous dollop of basil pesto served with an arrangement of microgreens and finished off with a drizzling of olive oil.


Toasted linseed brown bread with a creamy yogurt and mustard vinaigrette, beautifully ripped avocado, topped with a poached egg, sauteed kale and a sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds.


Grilled asparagus topped with a poached egg arranged on a bed of creamy cauliflower mashed.

Poached eggs are more than just eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce served on a toasted English muffin on a Sunday morning with a side of bacon. Think outside the box and lets celebrate the humble poached egg. Try some of these recipes: Lentils, Poached Egg and Paprika-Spiked Yogurt Breakfast, chicken rice soup with poached egg and poached eggs settled into a nest of creamy parmesan polenta with zucchini ribbons.

Happy cooking and embrace the joy of discovering something new, life is about finding new and interesting culinary adventures.


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