Creating your signature look

A signature look is the holy grail of your personal style. Finding and refining a signature look can be a challenging struggle in itself. The impact of your personal style goes beyond making a good first impression; great style is about approaching each day with confidence and the ability to feel legitimately beautiful in what you are wearing. It’s the icing on a refined, well curated wardrobe, at the same time the best starting point for any style journey.

To create your signature style you need to know what you like, understand what looks good on you and how to shop. When you find that special piece to add to your closet you exclaim, “this is so me!”. Buy clothes that are a reflection of your personal style, you need to be open minded about fashion, but don’t let trends influence your decision. It’s about knowing how to design, shape and refine your signature look from the ground up.

Seek inspiration from your style icons, find out what draws you to their image and the outfits they wear. My style icons embody my love of classic, chic and timeless style. They evoke a simple elegance and true sense of self. They create a style that is unique and identifiable to themselves, a style that says who they are without being too loud.

Your style is not about being notice it’s about being remembered. Style is what you do with fashion, embrace fashion but don’t allow yourself to be ruled by fashion.

A signature look is a declaration of your personality, it’s a deeply personal expression of who you are and every time you get dressed you are asserting a part of yourself.


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